im going to bed have this rad picture of a dog claiming me

im going to bed have this rad picture of a dog claiming me

I'm not trying to attack you, but as I previously stated- you must respect people to be respected! in a perfect world, you'd be able to expect people to just respect you, but that's not where we're at in society. maybe in the future, but we're evolving!

hating the bigoted acts that people have committed against you is not the same as not respecting them

besides, they’re the ones who don’t respect me

i should have been asleep an hour ago i’ve dealt with way too much crap tonight

i cant even try to respond to this right now. i’m going to sleep

i cant even try to respond to this right now. i’m going to sleep





this is sooooooo stupid

do you just get a blank disc that says “no game”

that or a 10-minute loading screen then a message that says “please pay $19.99 to unlock the main menu”

Babies are mere objects

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haha wow….. that person is toooooootally not the anon from a moment ago……… totally not

actually it’s probably not cause that post is going around again :)))

What's your birth name? If this is invasive I'm really really sorry I'm just curious what name you'd get 'mo' out of.

ehhhhh that name has always made me feel super dysphoric and since i JUST started using mo recently i’d rather not say but it’s really not that far off from either mangos or mo. if you peek around in my friends tag you’ll probably find it in a few minutes

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anon needs to chill and stop being so passive agressive like damn

anon why are you so happy while comparing me to old people

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I seriously doubt that. Kill yourself. There is no…


hey mo cishetguys thank you for not being a cishet guy

i try my best

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they isnt an “alternative pronoun” anyways, its literally been used for centuries to refer to hypothetical people and people whos gender you dont know. even people who are against it use it all the time

im guessing anon meant the other pronouns in my about page but i’m not even going to try get irl friends to use those

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passive-aggressive as fuuuuuuck

yeah that smiley face is kinda pissing me off im not gonna lie

still generalizing! just refer to transphobic, hateful, homophobic etc. people as guess what- HATEFUL PEOPLE. BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT THEY ARE. :D

but when you do that, it causes those bigoted people to take a step back. they read stuff like that and don’t want to call themselves hateful, so they immediately assume they’re not the ones that post is directed to.

when you say “cis people” “straight people” etc it causes the people in those groups to more closely analyze what’s in the post. they see the behaviors i’m calling out and can think about themselves. they can figure out if they do that. and if they do, they know what not to do and they can fix it. if they don’t, great. they’re not who the post is directed to.

i don’t care if you think you’re not doing something wrong - we live in a world that tells every single one of us that bigotry is acceptable. you need to listen up when we tell you it’s not. i’m trying to do the same.

(same anon once again) alternative pronouns are still are very modern thing. you have to give time for people to be able to wrap their thick heads around the thought. if you're acting outwardly angry to them, it's going to deter them from supporting the movement! think about your actions :D

you think i havent tried being nice? you think i haven’t tried politely correcting my friends to ask if they could use they pronouns for me? am i supposed to not get angry when they won’t stop telling me the pronouns i want to use “aren’t correct?” am i supposed to remain completely levelheaded and calm when they won’t stop telling me i’m just confused about my gender and they know better than i do? am i supposed to not care?

i have tried.

hey there! first of all, if you're going to say "you people" and generalize, you're just taking a step back and making me not want to take your argument as a serious thing. that's something my homophobic and racist 85 year old grandfather would say. don't expect people to respect you if you can't respect them! :) also, tagging all your selfies "cisphobia" doesn't seem like a very humorous joke.

okay so what would you prefer i say instead of “you people”? 99.8% of cis people?